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Claire has spent the last 16 years in the fashion industry devoted to developing exceptional and eye catching style. Claire is a trend seeker, a style hunter with a curated and artful approach to personal style.

A well published fashion commentator and confident media front person, Claire has made countless television appearances including TV1 Breakfast, Good Morning, Trackside and Channel Four. She is well respected in her ability to deliver dynamic and thoughtful opinion in both written context and live television broadcasts.She is a millinery maven, a race wear innovator and a self confessed accessories addict. 

Claire is a previous winner of the much coveted New Zealand National Fashions on the Field title. She then sat as head judge of the competition for six years.  A natural progression combining her unparalleled knowledge of race wear trends, creative flair and eye for design, has seen her millinery and race wear styling adorn supermodels, celebrities and fashions on the field winners from around the world.